Rogue One Trailer: Is it December Yet?

by admin on April 7, 2016

Oh man. We are in a Star Wars Golden Age right now.

I loved Star Wars The Force Awakens and Rogue One looks pretty fantastic.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story covers the story of the Rebels assigned with the mission to steal the Death Star plans which are then used to blow up the Death Star in the original Star Wars (Episode IV) movie.

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Crazy news this morning. Back To The Future is now free for Amazon Prime members.

Hat tip to the Geek Dads twitter feed for this info.

I own the Back To The Future trilogy on Blu-ray, but this is still awesome news to share for those who don’t. What a great tactic by Amazon to get more people signed up for Amazon Prime. It’s my humble opinion that this will do more to increase their number of Prime members than the flea market failure known as Prime Day.

So, if you are not yet an Amazon Prime member, this might just be your density (BTTF joke there, not a mistake) to join up.

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The Dead Key – great new novel by D.M. Pulley

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A few weeks back, my family was at the game store and my son picked up Suburbia and wanted it in the worst way. I was familiar with the game though I had not played it yet so I wasn’t ready to jump in at $60. Although it wasn’t quite that simple. I probably picked […]

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The 3 ‘Must See’ Movies this Holiday Season

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Well, they are the three “must see” movies for me anyway. I am not someone who goes to the movies multiple times a month. Shoot, I barely go multiple times a year. So, when I do go to the movies, it is because the film is one I really want to see. It just so […]

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