Becoming a chicken farmer

by admin on March 5, 2010

Rhode Island Red chicks

Well, today I went and did it. I plunged into the waters of chicken farming. I thought it was time to try my luck at raising chickens for their eggs.

While I look forward to having our own fresh eggs come September I am sure this will be an adventure of sorts. There will be humorous stories I’m sure. There are bound to be when I haven’t worked with chickens since I was a kid.

The easy part is done. My 5 year old and I put together a brooder last night and we picked up the chicks this afternoon.

Next, we need to build the coop so it will be ready when the chickens are ready to live outside.

Hopefully we ended up with more hens than roosters or that will be the first funny story to tell. My luck, out of the six chicks we’ll probably end up with four roosters. Oh well, we’ll see :).

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