Rule #1 about chicks – keep their butts clean

by admin on March 8, 2010

When I decided to buy some chicks for laying eggs I never would have dreamt that I would be cleaning dried poo off of their butts. Unfortunately, pasty butt happens with chicks and if you don’t keep their vents (where eggs and poo come out) clean they can get blocked and then die.

The first thing is really preventative measures like making sure your chicks don’t get sick and have diarrhea that will inevitably stick to their bottoms. Having a clean environment and fresh food and water prevent 99% of the problems that might occur. If they do have poo stuck on their bottoms and simply brushing at it does not remove it then you need to take further measures such as I had to do today.

I filled a disposable container half way with warm water and, one at a time, placed the bottoms of the chicks in the warm water for a little soak. After soaking for a bit (the chicks settled right down in the warm water) it was much easier to remove the poo. Then, I dried them off and placed them back under the heat lamp in the brooder.

The two chicks are nice and warm and appear to be feeling much better now.

Unfortunately these two chicks came home with dirty butts. This often happens due to the stress of shipping. The important thing is to keep them clean and after a few days this should clear up.

Just another day at the ol’ chicken farm ;).

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