Suburbia App on the Kindle Fire is City Building Fun

by admin on October 17, 2014

Suburbia App

A few weeks back, my family was at the game store and my son picked up Suburbia and wanted it in the worst way. I was familiar with the game though I had not played it yet so I wasn’t ready to jump in at $60. Although it wasn’t quite that simple. I probably picked it up a couple more times and contemplated buying it.

We ended up picking up a Small World expansion and Tsuro so we didn’t head home empty-handed (can you ever really leave a game store without making a purchase?).

A week ago I was browsing board games on Amazon and noticed that there was a Suburbia app for the Kindle Fire. For $3.99 I was ready to give it a go :).

I played through the tutorial (which is excellent by the way) to get the hang of the interface and learn the game. Gameplay is pretty simple – just drag and drop the tile of your choice (and in your budget ­čÖé ) onto your virtual player board.

Here is the thing that makes playing Suburbia on the Kindle (or any other tablet for that matter) so enjoyable – when you choose a tile and drag it to a possible spot on the board a popup window detailing what each location you might choose will do to your stats [see image below].

Suburbia app detail

I really think that it is this nice bonus of the game giving you the data needed for the most optimal placement of your tile is what makes me think that I might never purchase the physical board game. Lots of calculations in your head as the game goes on would seem to really make turns drag. Shoot, even using the app version can make for a wait as each player checks different tiles and placements to optimize their turn.

We have only played using pass-n-play with four total players. Sometimes two of us and two CPU players and one other time we played with three of us and just one CPU player. The Suburbia app makes it really easy to squeeze a quick game in before the kids have to go to bed. No setup and no cleanup – I love it!

If online play is your thing, you will be disappointed in the Android version as that does not have an online option like the iOS version. The Android version does have the single player campaign mode which I have yet to try, but it looks intriguing.

You can watch a playthrough of the iOS version of the app:

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