C. J. Box Below Zero

Below Zero - C.J. Box

by admin on September 23, 2009

I fell in love with the Joe Picket novels by C.J. Box after doing a search on Amazon for an Upper Peninsula DNR officer series by Joseph Heywood. Amazon recommended the Joe Picket novels as other books that people who bought the Woods Cop novels by Heywood had purchased.

The fact that Joe Pickett was a game warden (similar to a Michigan DNR Officer) was what attracted me to the series. The beautiful and isolated Wyoming scenery was another aspect that I have enjoyed in all of the previous books in this series. C.J. Box dives into the wonderful eccentric characters and is at his best when Joe is performing his game warden duties and meeting all sorts of interesting characters along the way.

His latest effort, Below Zero, was a good book and an entertaining read. However, the plot was a bit strange (as far as being believable) and with nearly all of the action taking place outside of Joe Pickett’s game warden duties it fell away from what made me enjoy this series so much. Undertones of modern-day pro-global warming activists also seemed to be forced upon the reader as well.

I’m hoping that the next novel in the Joe Pickett series gets back to the things that make this series great. Joe working out in the wilds of Wyoming as a game warden and the colorful characters he interacts with (both good and bad). I’d like to see the series move away from involving Joe’s teenage daughters so much in the plot. This book in particular really reminded me of the early seasons of ’24’ when Jack Bauer’s daughter was always needing a rescue or causing one problem or another. It really makes the plot feel a bit contrived in Below Zero.

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