Five Favorite Short Stories I have read this month

by admin on January 31, 2014

Either I am on a short story kick this month or there is just a plethora of great short stories that came out this month. It’s been fun to sprinkle in a short story or two between the novels I am constantly reading.

You see, I read all the time. I probably go through two to three books a week. There are a lot of times that I would rather read a book than watch television.

Anyway, I have been reading a lot of “indie” authors as of late and what helps them out is to review their books both on Amazon and to tell other readers about them. Here are my five favorites that I read this month. It just so happens that Jason Gurley has released a few short stories over the past week or so which is why I read so many of his. Well, that and the fact that he is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.

I enjoyed each of these short stories and I felt they were worth the minimal price. I think there is a lot of entertainment value in even a short story. Don’t just take my word for it, give these a read for yourself.

  1. Peace in Amber – Hugh Howey
  2. The Last Rail-Rider – Jason Gurley
  3. The Caretaker – Jason Gurley
  4. No. 38 – Kevin G. Summers
  5. The Dark Age – Jason Gurley
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