Water for Elephants is a great read

by admin on March 23, 2009

I never got around to reading “Water For Elephants” when it was one of the “must reads” back when it came out in 2006. Call me contrary, but I try to avoid books that are bandied about as THE book you should read. I have a wide range of tastes and if a book is truly good, I’ll get around to reading it in due time.

Well, I’m glad I finally got around to reading “Water for Elephants.” You can’t throw this book into one theme (love story) or another (look into the dark side of Depression Era circuses) or another (mystery). I think that’s what made it such an interesting read for me. Now, I’m known to buzz through books at a rather decent clip for a guy who works from home and takes care of two kids all day. I probably average 1.5 novels per week. I read this one in less than 24 hours.

I was engrossed in the story. I think the last book I read that quickly with a similarly compelling story was “The Thirteenth Tale” which is another book I highly recommend. The first thing that grabbed me was the main character, Jacob Jankowski, at 90 or 93 (he’s not sure just how old he is anymore) is reminiscing on his life with circus. It was an interesting, insightful, and sad look at where life takes you and all of the excitement and adventure ends with you eating tasteless food surrounded by others playing out the end of their lives.

The story follows 23 year-old Jacob’s adventures of working for a traveling Depression-era circus and the 90 or 93 year old life he lives in a nursing home. The setting (Depression-era circus) and characters (love interest Marlena, Rosie the elephant, and August – Marlena’s husband) really made this novel click for me. Actual historic events from circuses were built into the story creating a credible and entertaining read.

Get your copy of Water For Elephants today.

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