Chalkboard, key holder, and whatever else it holds that I made

by admin on March 23, 2012

scrap wood chalkboard and key holder

I made this combination chalkboard, key holder, cell phone/wallet organizer from some scrap items I had in my shop. I cut a couple lengths of 8 inch wide pine boards for the back. Using my Kreg pocket-hole jig and some glue I was able to connect them lengthwise. A scrap piece of 4 inch wide pine and some scrap angled-cuts I had laying around were used to make the pocket at the bottom of the chalkboard. These I affixed with some wood glue and 18 gauge brad nails.

Chalkboard, mail holder, and keychain hook

The coolest part (well, to me anyway) is that I used an old steel-tined garden rake (that I had salvaged years ago from my parents’ old garage before they tore it down) as the keychain holder. Not that I have enough keychains to use all of the 14 tines, but now I (and my wife especially) never have to frantically search the house looking for our keys.

Early American is the finish that I used in addition to the chalkboard paint that I bought to make the chalkboard area of the piece. Two coats of chalkboard paint barely put a dent in the quart of it that I bought which is good – I have plans for using more of it real soon on some other projects :).

The one thing that I discovered throughout this process is that I really like and enjoy building new stuff from old stuff. Repurposed items are great!

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