Cost comparison of homemade bread versus store bought bread

by admin on March 30, 2009

Okay, the love affair with my Breadman Bread Machine continues. We are currently on week #3 of no longer buying bread from the store. Whether I’m making sandwiches or a quick snack of toast my son now asks before he will eat it if this is the bread that I make and put in the bag or if it’s from the store. He wants to make sure it is homemade. What a compliment!

Before we get into the money side of the cost breakdown and comparison I’d like to make quick reference to the cost of eating store bought bread versus homemade bread. For instance, my homemade whole wheat bread includes just six simple ingredients – water, milk, salt, brown sugar, wheat flour, and yeast. I don’t have a loaf of store bought bread in front of me to give specifics, but I think there are at least a dozen ingredients in a loaf that includes high fructose corn syrup instead of pure cane sugar and other preservatives that I can’t pronounce let alone spell.

We put way to much junk in our bodies that is totally unnecessary. Why do you need bleached flour? Unbleached flour tastes just as good, it’s just not quite as white. I don’t care how white my flour is, do you? Read this post on bleached flour and decide for yourself if it is necessary.

Now, on to the cost comparison. Our bread machine bakes a 1.5 or 2 pound loaf and with four of us, I always go for the 2 lb. loaf. Store bough loaves are usually only 18 or 24 oz. So, for comparison purposes I am going to calculate the cost per ounce so I can create a cost for a hypothetical 32 oz (2 pound) loaf of store bought bread. Depending on sales and quality of bread a store bought loaf of bread will usually run around $1.69 (at least that is what I saw this week) on the low end and over $2 on the high end.

I’ll use the $1.69 figure for this cost comparison. At 24 ounces a store bought loaf comes out to $.07 per ounce which would make a cost of $2.24 for a 32 ounce (2 lb.) loaf. A 2 lb. loaf of homemade bread costs me $.94 for a savings of $1.30. I buy quality ingredients because as long as I am making homemade bread it is going to taste as good as I can make it and that comes down to quality flour.

The $.94 per loaf cost breaks down to $.64 for 4 cups of flour and $.30 for two teaspoons of yeast. 4 Cups of flour and 2 teaspoons of yeast are the typical requirements for making most 2 pound loaves of bread (at least for our machine). Additional ingredients of milk, sugar, and salt, are so small that I am not sure they even add up to a full penny. Even if they do, it’s still a lot cheaper and tastier than store bought bread.

And if I have inspired you to try your hand at baking your own bread be sure to take a look at my favorite bread machine –

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