Recipes are treasured heirlooms

by admin on July 7, 2009

Tonight I’m baking my grandmother’s oatmeal cookie recipe. She’s still with us, but her health is not the greatest. As I read the recipe and gather the ingredient’s I think of my grandmother and wonder how many times she baked these cookies before her rheumatoid arthritis crippled her hands.

How many times was I lucky enough to eat these cookies that she made? I don’t know, but as I mixed, measured, and baked I thought of my grandmother and what a great and treasured heirloom recipes such as these are. What a great way to remember loved ones after they die.

There are numerous other recipes that I have from relatives who are now gone and it always warms my heart to make the recipes and tell my kids who the recipe is from and (since they didn’t know most of them) it’s a great time to share with them a bit about the person as well.

My Grandmother's Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

My Grandmother's Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Back of recipe card

Back of recipe card

Oh, and the cookies turned out delicious as usual. ­čÖé

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