Summer harvest is drawing to a close

by admin on September 1, 2009

It is the 1st of September and I’m in a retrospective mood. A quick glance into our freezer tells me we were diligent about putting up a nice assortment of good things to eat. There are bags and bags of frozen sweet corn sliced off the cob, over a dozen containers of strawberry freezer jam, more than 52 pounds of blueberries, frozen green beans, and burger & steaks from a cow my folks had butchered.

Our garden didn’t contribute significantly to our food storage for the coming winter months, but the local area sure did. We’ve frequented area farmer’s markets and local roadside stands to buy deliciously fresh produce at great prices that directly benefit the folks we’re buying them from. Later this week we’ll pick a bushel or two of apples and I’ll start making homemade applesauce that my wife and I will can instead of freeze (freezer is getting quite full already!). One bushel of apples should yield around 12-14 quart jars full of homemade applesauce.

I’m quite pleased with the local bounty we have been able to put up this year and look forward to enjoying the “fruits” of our summer labor during the long cold winter months.

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