Enjoying our red raspberry patch this summer

Bowl of red raspberries

by admin on July 20, 2009

We’ve been enjoying a nice crop of red raspberries this summer from our raspberry patch. What started as just a few canes about four years ago has been steadily added to and we now have a nice 5′ x 10′ patch. It’s nice to go out and pick our own raspberries to add to cereal, yogurt, tapioca pudding, and ice cream. This is the best year we have had as far as the amount we’ve been able to pick.

It’s interesting to see the newer everbearing variety that I purchased last year from Park Seed is thriving. So much so that it is going to become the dominant variety in our little patch in the next year or so. That’s fine with me as it produces a nice crop of fruit twice a year – July and again in September.

I believe the name of that particular variety is Caroline which produces more fruit than the other popular everbearing red raspberry – Heritage. For some reason, raspberry canes are not available this year from Park Seed – otherwise I’d throw a link in here to them.

Growing your own raspberries is a fairly simple and fool-proof endeavor. Purchase quality canes, plant them as directed, mulch, water, and harvest. When the season is done simply prune back the canes that provided fruit this season. I’ve never had problems with disease and pests have only inflicted minimum damage to our crop.

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