First ripe strawberry sighting of the season!

by Andrew on June 1, 2009

It’s official. Today, June 1, 2009, marks the first sighting (and tasting) of ripe strawberries from our berry patch. We had three strawberries that I equally divided amongst myself and two kiddos (sorry, honey, but you weren’t home). One of the berries was noticeably larger than the others and my son wanted to know why he didn’t get to have that one. I said, “I’m the biggest, so I get the biggest berry.”

Papa’s Rule No. 24 – Papa is the biggest so he inherently gets the biggest berry, piece of pie/cake, etc.

I had been watching this berry ripen since last Friday. Here’s what it looked like on Friday –

An embarrassed strawberry blushing

An embarrassed strawberry blushing

With the sunny days and nice warm temperatures it didn’t take long to finish ripening. And it tasted SO good. There is absolutely NO comparison with locally grown, freshly picked strawberries and the ones you get at the store that came from who knows where.

Last year we picked the equivalent of over two flats (over 16 quarts) of strawberries from our little patch. The way they look right now I think we might just do better than that this year as long as we don’t get a string of real hot (80 to 90 degree) days. I think we picked strawberries nearly the entire month of June last year.

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