It’s fall and I’m still harvesting veggies and fruit from the garden

by admin on September 24, 2009

Our everbearing raspberry canes are providing a pleasant early fall treat. We pick them by the handful every day and enjoy them immediately.

As long as a really hard frost doesn’t hit any time soon we should be harvesting our tomatoes on into October. The same goes for our green and red peppers – that is if they would grow a bit faster :).

It’s time to pull up the cucumber plants and clean up the green beans. Last year I pulled the green bean plants out and then read in the spring that it’s good for the soil to leave the roots of your beans in your garden. So I’ll just cut off the greens (and throw them in the compost bin) and till up the roots into the soil. The roots of beans (and other legumes – ooh fancy terminology!) are excellent providers of nitrogen.

I need to find a small quantity of winter wheat seed to seed in all of my raised beds. Winter wheat is a great “green manure” and an easy way to enrich the garden soil. Come spring, I’ll turn it under and let it feed my garden all summer long.

There’s still time (and warm weather) for me to move one raised bed and build a couple others. During the summer I made a mental “wish list” for additional garden growing space and checked to see which areas received the most direct sunlight. Now I just have to do the work ;).

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