It’s never too early to start looking at seed catalogs

by admin on January 9, 2009

I received a couple of seed catalogs from Park Seed before Christmas this year. I’ve never seen a seed catalog come before the first of the year. It was funny because I had just read in Mother Earth News a couple of weeks prior to that about how the down economy is causing an increase in the demand for seeds and that you had better order early.

Evidently the seed companies felt the same.

Park Seed

So now that Christmas and New Year’s are past I have caught up (well, sort of) on a lot of stuff and I actually took the time to start going through the catalogs. So many wonderful choices – so little growing space. For those of you who don’t know – I use raised beds for all of our gardening as we have limited space and too many tree roots, oh and poor soil as well. Raised beds were a simple solution and each year we seem to find a bit more space to add another one.

I have always wanted to plant some heirloom tomatoes and this is the year I will finally do that. I have yet to narrow down the varieties, but hey, I have a start of a plan anyway. There are a few basics that we plant every year and that includes, pole beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers. After that – it’s time to get creative and see how much we can grow in a limited space. I do love a challenge.

It all starts with a sketch of our raised beds and their layout. At the end of a growing season it’s always a good idea to make note of where you planted everything that year. Some vegetables like tomatoes and potatoes need to be rotated on a three year basis so as to avoid disease.

So the current year is checked against past year’s planting “map” and we begin with the aforementioned “basics.” Once I’ve penciled in their locations and quantities it’s time to pour over the seed catalogs again and see what else we want to grow this season.

Last year we waited too long to order our own seeds and had to buy from a local greenhouse. Needless to say, the quality was far below the previous year’s when we grew everything from seeds. We won’t be making that mistake again.

In case you couldn’t tell, my favorite seeds come from Park Seed. Great prices, great service (they’ll replace anything you have a problem with), and great flowers & veggies.

Think Spring!

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