My 2009 garden review

by admin on September 1, 2009

As the calendar rolls over to September and the morning greets me with brisk temperatures I glance at our garden with no small bit of disappointment. Either my garden let me down this year or I let my garden down. There are so many things that can go wrong in a garden – watering, temperature, soil, fertilizing, etc. It’s hard to nail down just what is to blame for our lack of production, but I’ll take a guess that I didn’t add enough natural fertilizer to my raised beds this spring.

I’ll usually add a generous amount of our own compost and a healthy portion of composted cow manure to our raised beds. This spring I backed off a bit because I was concerned about too much nitrogen in the soil and I didn’t want to have a poor crop of tomatoes again this year. Well, I neglected to get a soil test to determine if my estimate was correct or not and I am wondering if a lack of proper fertilizer is the culprit for our low yield.

This is year two or three for the majority of our raised beds and there has been a significant drop off in production this year. I’m going to work in a good amount of compost, composted cow manure, and peat to the raised beds this fall and let that sit until I work the beds again next spring. I’ll definitely be getting the soil tested next spring :).

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