Not another New Year post

by admin on January 2, 2010

As the title says – this is not another one of those blah-blah-blah year in review or here is what we did in 2009 posts. You see enough of that rubbish in the newspaper and other blogs. I don’t make resolutions so you won’t see a bullet-point list of those here either.

Sure I have regrets and a laundry list of things I wished had turned out differently. But that is an ongoing thing in anyone’s life and I don’t believe that mine is any more interesting than anyone else who is riding around on this great green and blue orb as it floats through the inky black murk.

I will say this about the new year – the seed catalogs have been steadily arriving since early December and the quickest way to gain optimism for the coming year is to pour over the glossy pages of hundreds of beautiful and tasty plants and dreaming that this year the garden will thrive as never before.

There is nothing quite like sitting in my favorite old armchair, sipping black coffee, and planning the upcoming garden as the snow flies outside our big picture window. I think if you want to find an optimist – find a gardener.

Who else can steel themselves against the coming growing season year in and year out and firmly believe that what they purchase and grow from seed will provide them with a bountiful harvest in the summer and fall?

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