Planted potatoes late and other assorted gardening stuff

by admin on May 30, 2009

Honest, I meant to plant my potatoes weeks ago. Really, I did. I’ve had the seed potatoes for at least a month. Time just got away from me.

After a two year hiatus where I tried planting some Yukon Gold potatoes and a generic red potato variety I am going back to the most successful type of potato in my brief potato gardening career – Red Norland. Red Norland was the first tater that I ever tried planting and it was one that I had the most success with. I’m still trying to perfect growing potatoes in containers and I hope that this year I see a jump in production.

Otherwise, my days as a potato farmer are over. It’s not like potatoes are super expensive and you can get locally grown ones all year. It’s just one of those gardening challenges I gave myself.

Okay, on to other garden news.

My cucumbers that I recently planted have been decimated by pill bugs. The plants were healthy until I planted them outside and they all started keeling over. I peeled apart a stem of one of the fallen cuke plants and there was a veritable traffic jam of pill bugs all lined up in the center of the stems.

In my opinion it’s too late to grow more from seed so I picked up some cucumber plants at Dussel’s Farm Market & Greenhouse in Cassopolis. Hopefully they turn out a decent yield. I had big plans for putting up a lot of sweet and dill pickles this summer.

Here’s a nice picture of my good looking lettuce and onions:



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