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by admin on May 28, 2010

Raised Bed Garden

[note – I started this post last week and never got around to publishing it]

On Wednesday, we had our first strawberry beginning to blush. On Thursday, we had ants crawling all over the sad remains of that same strawberry. Methinks the neighborhood squirrel has struck again.

I had to put our cucumber plants out before I had a chance to harden them off. Not sure if any of them are going to make it because the hot sun really got to them yesterday. [UPDATE: those nasty little roly polies (pill bugs, sow bugs, etc.) chewed the stems of all of my cukes. This morning I planted some extra seeds directly into the raised bed. We’ll see what happens.]

I think my chickens are part duck. They love to play in the rain. Seriously.

I built another raised bed. This one is for our rhubarb patch. I planted rhubarb directly into the ground when we first moved in almost seven years ago and it has never really taken off. The soil quality is to blame so I am going to see how they do in a permanent raised bed.

Speaking of raised beds – I put a fresh coat of stain on the outside of all of our raised beds and put down fresh cedar mulch. Our garden area looks great and I can’t wait to finish planting.

While weeding the onions I discovered some volunteer tomato plants where we had our Mr. Stripey and Box Car Willie tomatoes last year. I thinned out the smaller ones and I think I’ll transfer them to their own raised bed this week. My gardening theory is that you can never have too many fresh tomatoes! ­čÖé

I finished planting the garden yesterday. Put in pole beans, bush beans (they came free with my seed order and I had a spare raised bed), transplanted volunteer tomatoes, and added some color with marigold flowers. Our raspberry patch looks great this year – it’s absolutely thick with canes.

Now, if I could just keep the raccoons out of the strawberries and stop them from digging in the raised beds I would be just fine. Time to put out the bird netting on the berries.

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