Received some happy mail for the garden today

by admin on April 15, 2009

It’s a happy gardener day today. Our onion sets and seed potatoes came in the mail today! Another plus is that it is supposed to warm up a bit the next couple of days so it just might actually feel like spring when we plant.

Once again I’ll be planting Red Norland taters in containers. I tried Yukon Gold potatoes two years ago with terrible results. Last year I grabbed some generic looking red potatoes at a local market and the results were better than the Yukon Gold, but not as good as when I planted Red Norland three years ago.

I am trying a white Candy Hybrid onion this year. A local farm market grows them and they are so deliciously sweet – it’s just unbelievable. I hope mine turn out as huge as the ones we bought last year (softball size).

Our tomato and cucumber seedlings need to be planted in peat pots. They’re growing so fast and look great, but they need more room. I have Insulating Teepeesicon to place over the tomatoes to give them an earlier start outside. I need to see about the possibility of adding another raised bed to our garden this season to accommodate all of the tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and beans we’ll be putting in.

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