Small World 2 App is 50% off for a limited time

by admin on March 13, 2014

Small World 2 App

If you were hesitant about pulling the trigger on purchasing the Small World 2 App at the $9.99 price like I was, this sale should convince you to give it a go. We own the Small World board game and love it. Since the first of the year we have probably played it about 10 times already.

So, at $4.99 I dipped my toe in the virtual board gaming waters. I know from the start that this will not replace the actual board game of Small World. The face-to-face interaction of board gaming, colorful bits, and the tactile nature of games is impossible to recreate on a portable screen.

I was interested in this app as a way to have a more portable version of Small World to get a gaming fix in while on the go. The physical board game has a lot of small bits that I would worry about losing if we were to take it on a vacation or on a camping trip. The Small World 2 app looks like a great way to circumvent those fears.

Looks like Amazon still has the app at full price. It is on sale in the App Store, Google Play, and Steam. The Steam version is on sale for $7.49 and not $4.99 like it is in the App Store and Google Play.

Once I have a few plays under my belt I will post a review of how it plays on my Galaxy S4.

Never played Small World before? It’s a rather quick game to pick up, but here is a short video tutorial in case you need it –


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