Childhood memories garnered from sipping some Country Time Lemonade

by admin on May 19, 2009

It’s finally starting to warm up and become more spring-like around here so yesterday I treated myself to an ice cold glass of Country Time Lemonade. And though a glass of Country Time Lemonade does not contain any juice whatsoever, it is certainly full of childhood memories for me.

You see, Country Time Lemonade was my grandpa’s favorite drink aside from milk, water, or coffee. Come summer time it was about the only thing he drank aside from coffee and that suited us kids just fine.

My grandparents used to serve us Country Time Lemonade in these variously-colored aluminum tumblers that would drip with sweat when the icy beverage hit the hot and humid summer air. If you took your time and savored the lemonade your hand would practically be numb from holding the aluminum cup. But what kid sips lemonade? We guzzled ours.

Whether we were taking a break from traipsing through the woods, building forts, riding the Radio Flyer wagon down the hill by the garage, or (more often than not) getting a much appreciated break from working in grandpa’s garden – the lemonade was always waiting with its icy cold sugary goodness.

My grandpa put in the biggest garden I had ever seen as a kid. It seemed to stretch on and on, especially when you were just starting on weeding or harvesting a row. Yeah, the work was hard and I know we complained a lot. But at the end of the day there were fresh veggies to eat, Country Time Lemonade to drink, and possibly a trip to the local lake or ice cream shop.

Good times.

My grandpa passed away just over a year ago. He stopped putting in a garden many years before that and I can’t tell you the last time I drank lemonade from an aluminum tumbler. But these memories come back as thick as the night and my ears fill with the sounds of crickets chirping and my eyes can see bright yellow flashes from lightning bugs as my cousins and I drink our lemonade and listen to the adults chat while we sit on the screened-in porch.

I’ll be drinking a lot of Country Time Lemonade this summer when I’m playing with the kids, working in the garden, or sitting around a crackling bonfire. I’ll take a sip and think of my grandpa and the simpler times from my childhood.

Oh, and I think I’ll be buying these aluminum tumblers to really create that memorable effect:

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