Getting ideas around for Christmas presents

by admin on October 24, 2008

We enjoy giving homemade gifts at Christmas. Whether it’s a box of homemade fudge, a craft, or something from my woodshop. It seems that homemade gifts get raved about much more than some old gift card or something.

The only downside of giving homemade Christmas presents is that you have to plan ahead. Sometimes way ahead depending on what you are planning on putting together.

One thing I always do is make a compilation CD of Christmas music for family members. I try and have it set to go around Thanksgiving so that everyone can get more enjoyment out of it instead of getting it on Christmas Day. It’s getting more and more difficult each year to top the previous year’s, but I am jotting down ideas for a unique mix.

Other ideas such as projects from my woodshop require extra time due to the nature of the project. I have this really neat sign building jig for my router that I have yet to use. I’ve got a page of ideas though – I just need to take the time to get started.

To me, thinking of things to make, cook, or create is much more exciting than trudging through a store. I get much more excited thinking of things that come from the heart – not necessarily the wallet.

One project that I will get started on this weekend is a wooden Nativity set that doubles as a puzzle. I’ll post pictures when I get it finished. I ran out of time to get it made last Christmas and as always, forgot about it until now that it is closer to Christmas.

Ahh, just thinking about this stuff gets me in the Christmas spirit and it’s not even Halloween.

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