Hmm, got the Monday blues?

by admin on September 29, 2008

Well, I do. Nothing is going right today. Ever since the crummy financial news on Wall Street hit a couple weeks ago sales have nearly flatlined even though traffic is up at my other business. I tried to bake a loaf of bread this morning, but it didn’t turn out. I need to mow the lawn later today, but a big blob of rain is coming. Ugh.

What to do to get out of the Monday blues?

For starters, I’m listening to Daisy May’s album, Mother Moon. Nice and mellow “bluegrassy” music to calm me down and help me to focus.

I’ve done some brainstorming and am working on an email campaign to help my customers remember me and the wonderful information I provide. My email list is horribly underused. I really need to commit to sending out a monthly newsletter, it just gets lost in the shuffle when I am focusing on blog posts or other marketing. I can’t keep doing that.

Further studying of the bread situation has led me to a solution. I used wheat flour we bought at a local mill and since it is all natural there are no preservatives so the flour must be stored in the freezer (or fridge, too, I guess). So, when that ice cold flour hits my warm water it negates the warm temperature and doesn’t give the bread yeast the nice warm bath it needs to make the bread rise.

I wonder what I can do to warm up the flour before using it next time? Microwave? Warm oven?

Any suggestions?

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