Just got The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

by admin on October 24, 2013

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

Welp, there goes my weekend :).

I have wanted The Complete Calvin and Hobbes ever since it originally came out in hardcover. I just couldn’t justify spending $100 on a collection of old comic strips.

Luckily, the publisher issued a less expensive paperback boxed set last November and I finally caved. What made me pull the trigger on the purchase? My nine year-old son loves Calvin and Hobbes as much (or sometimes more, I think) as I did. I had the luxury of reading brand new Calvin and Hobbes strips on a daily basis back in my formative years and he was lucky that his mother and I had purchased some of the Calvin and Hobbes book collections over the years.

He reads these all of the time and I can’t wait for him to see the entire collection of strips from the decade-long run. I was his age when Calvin and Hobbes first appeared in the paper and I was in college when Bill Watterson retired.

I put the boxed set on the bookshelf. I wonder how long it will take him to notice it?

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