Madden 10 is coming August 14, 2009

by admin on August 14, 2009

First, lets get this straight. My first experience with a Madden NFL football game was Madden ’92 on the Sega Genesis. I was getting a Genesis for Christmas and bought this game in anticipation of the new system. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait for Christmas and carefully opened the Genesis, hooked it up, and played some Madden football. I was immediately hooked and blown away by the (at that time) graphics and the ability to play one of the real teams with the real players.

An added bonus was the introduction of the ambulance which would drive onto the field to carry off the injured. Many times the ambulance would inadvertently drive over other players on the way to pick up the injured. I remember how much faster Barry Sanders was than other running backs. Being a long suffering Lions fan it was fun to make the Lions a Super Bowl winner :).

You had to know the number of your favorite players as it wasn’t until Madden NFL ’95 when the NFL Players Association gave their consent to using actual names. The NFL had agreed to officially license the game the year before for Madden NFL ’94.

Okay, nostalgic trip down memory lane aside – here we are on the eve of Madden NFL 10 in 2009. Nearly 18 years after I first played Madden ’92 (Madden ’92 came out in 1991) and many, many years since I have owned a game from the Madden NFL video game franchise. I’ll be playing Madden NFL 10 this weekend. It will be the first time in the 2000s that I’ll have played a Madden game.

Looks like things have changed a bit since I last played ­čÖé

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