Mr. McGroovy’s cardboard box rivets – a new way to build with boxes

by admin on August 6, 2009

Okay, we can all remember when we were kids and we’d get our hands on a big ‘ol cardboard box. We’d spend hours pretending it was a rocket ship, train engine, fort, castle, a house, and many other creations left only to our imaginations. If we were really lucky we’d get to color the box(es) with crayons and markers. If we were extremely lucky and our parents were feeling the unbridled elation previously set aside for Christmas morning when they were kids – we’d get out the paint :).

As kids, the only way we could add on to our box creations was using a big roll of that wonderful silver-backed (well, it only came in silver when I was a kid) adhesive – Duct Tape. While it held up okay for some applications, Duct Tape was never really meant to hold flimsy pieces of cardboard together for long. Even if you taped both sides it would still fail before the afternoon was over.

Boys playing with cardboard box

Boys playing with cardboard box

There’s this nifty product that I heard about a few years ago – Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets. It’s these great plastic (re-usable – bonus!) rivets that you snap together to hold cardboard pieces together. All you do is poke a hole between the two sheets of cardboard you want to hold together and insert one half of the rivet on one side and attach the other half of the rivet on the backside for a tight and secure connection.

You should see some of the creative and beautiful projects people have made with/for their kids. Giant mazes, huge rocket ships, trains, pirate ships, and a whole lot more. Check out some photos at

Good reasons to use Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets –

  1. They are reusable
  2. Stronger connections than Duct Tape
  3. Build projects quicker
  4. Get more creative
  5. So easy to use, your kids can do it!
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