Picture of our Squirrel Bed and Breakfast

by admin on November 26, 2008

The cornfield next to our house was picked and they left a scrubby little row right next to our house. It was filled with bent down stalks and lots of weeds so evidently it was of little use to pick that row. Anyway, I went out and picked about four dozen viable ears and took them over to my dad’s house to show our 4-year-old how they shelled corn in the “olden days.”

My dad has a manual corn sheller that belonged to my great-grandfather. He and his brother would shell the corn for the cows and chickens. Our son loved helping out as his big dream right now is to be a farmer. We are using the shelled corn (we ended up with enough corn to nearly fill a five gallon bucket) to feed the neighborhood squirrel or any birds that can get to the corn before the squirrel.

A couple weeks ago I was summoned outside by my wife and son to come look at something really interesting. The squirrel decided that after he had eaten all of the corn in the feeder it made a pretty comfy napping spot. We were able to walk right up to him and take the picture (shown below). He must have slept off his eating binge for a good two or three hours.

A squirrel snoozes in our feeder after eating all the corn.

A squirrel snoozes in our feeder after eating all the corn.

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