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by admin on February 25, 2009

I thought it would be interesting to create a log of my friend’s status updates on Facebook for a week. I wondered if they would look different when taken out of the original context of the time they were originally posted.

I found the daily thoughts we share with our friends on Facebook to be anywhere from inane to the funny and even the sad. Here are the majority of the status updates I captured over a one-week period.

wishes I could breathe out my nose.

thinks it’s a bummer that the library is “missing” the two books she wanted to read. Oh well, ordered them off of Amazon using a gift card.

is gettin in the shower.

is excited about the 65 degree forecast today! Kids play outside–yay! :).

doesn’t like the fact that Grace has turned into a daredevil.

is going to enjoy this gorgeous day…

is getting ready to go get blood drawn. Yay fun!

would like to thank everyone for their birthday wishes!!!

is excited that it wont be long and I can do some golfing and fishing ­čÖé Cant wait!!!!

What was with guy that asked President Obama about A-rod using steriods? Seriously?!

is in her pjs…..

is cutting out bags and aprons while the little ones sleep.

is looking forward to The Bachelor tonight. Go Molly!

cooked dinner ,did the dish’s now its time to relax for the rest of the nite.

is Cooking the supper this nite …Home made bisquits and hamburger gravy.

is getting ready for work.

is comforting 2 sick kids…I was waiting for the other one to get sick.

is really excited for Tuesday, simply because I’m not a fan of Mondays.

is feeling like she got hit by a bus.

wishes it would warm up so she could take the toddlers out for a walk.

is painting the bathroom today…after I catch up on the housework!

just read something about what it means if you have dreams about losing your teeth. I always have that dream. Very interesting.

is really hoping this week goes by a bit faster than last week!!! I live for the weekends :).

is wondering if I heard the weather forecast right.

can’t think of anything particularly witty or amusing to write at 4 o’clock in the morning.

wants it to stop raining long enough to take the kids to school. I don’t want to get soaked putting the toddlers in the car.

is thankful for such a wonderful husband, friends and family.

is thankful for the nice sleeping weather!

is wishing my house would magically clean itself.

getting off work in 20 min!

is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Only 2 more days of work!!!!!

is down to two days.

Had a great time learning about new peeps!

is hmmm, I think its time for a new tattoo :).

is finally starting to feel better.


is got my pjs on.

is enjoying my family…they are the best!!! :).

wonders why Facebook thinks I care that Jennifer Anniston is 40.

is going to see cindy.

is wishing more snow will come.

is celebrating Raichels 9th Birthday…Yea!!!

is working on starting her own business and being in control of my own destiny.

had really scary and crazy dreams last night!

is sick of this wind.

decided that a new road bike is a better investment than a car.

wants a Wii fit. Will someone buy me one?

it’s crazy windy!

is so ready for Friday :).

is making dinner.

I give up.

has a headache.

is wasting away again in Margaritaville.

is now headed to dinner and a movie.

is SICK!! the girls illness’ hv finally gotten to me..=*(.

is sick with the flu.

is sitting here….bored.

had a great valentines weekend with his sweetie!

is watching American Teen, the documentary about Warsaw, IN. I used to work there!

can’t believe her mom is getting married in a week and just told her.

decided third shift is bad for her health.

waiting for paint to dry…

is dreaming of Spring….sigh…….

is its Race Day….the Daytona 500!!!

is getting all my homework done before the race

I’m done. For good.

was screaming a bit too much at karaoke last night!

is home and going to read the last Twilight book!

is having a nice valentines day despite being single.

wants to know why chewing gum makes you feel smarter but look dumber?

is drinking a latte for breakfast.

is so glad that I don’t have classes today!!!

is another day, another no doller.

going to bed. No gumball machines in site. For now.

is back to the real world, UTAH rocked!!

had to buy a box of paczkis in an attempt to eat just one.

is soooo thankful for chocolate…

is wondering why Donald Duck wears a shirt but no pants. However, when he swims he wears pants but no shirt. Kinda creepy, no?

is done with physics and I mean done with physics….

is finally home from work. I need to crash.

is pumped and ready to give up diet mt. dew and desserts for lent!!!

is making brownies in honor of Fat Tuesday.

is a total wuss and went for a hike today instead of braving the cold, windy air on a bike.

is going for a walk with Austin.

got 9 hrs of sleep in the last 70 hrs.

Can’t wait to go home and sleep off the sickness.

going to work!!!!

bein silly.

is counting the days til graduation.

is feeling yuckier as the day goes on. It’s going around!

Happy Fat Tuesday!

needs to accomplish a lot today.

slept better last night than the night before but still didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.

is beyond exhausted..no more 7 am happy hour.

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