RaNdOm ThOuGhTs April 16, 2010 Edition

by admin on April 16, 2010

Random Question

Why do advertisers go to great lengths to make dog and cat food look delicious in their commercials? Do they expect dog and cat owners to say, “Dang, that looks tasty! Better get some for Fido and if he doesn’t like it, I can always try a bite.”

Why do they make the food look so tasty? I know a lot of dogs who go around eating animal (and their own) poop. The commercials are strictly meant to catch the eye of the pet owner and cause them to think, “Hey, I’m a horrid pet owner because I feed my animals nasty old dry food when what they really want is tasty bits of steak smothered in gravy and served on white china with a parsley sprig garnish.”

Just Random

Cereal for a snack is a good thing. Seriously :).

Random Observation

My favorite Kool-Aid from my childhood was Purplesaurus Rex. It was basically lemonade and grape. I mixed part of a glass of Country Time Lemonade with some Welch’s Grape Juice the other day and it was just like old times :). My daughter tried some and now she is hooked on the old favorite.

One of my favorite Avett Brothers songs – Offering

What I’m Reading

One of my former teachers from high school recommended Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series and since my well-read uncle has recommended him heavily over the years I finally added him to my mix of authors. I started with Transfer of Power and really enjoyed it so I’ll be continuing the series.

A random book I grabbed at the library, Tunnels, turned out to be a series (it’s marketed towards teens, but hey, I am enjoying it) of, at this point, four books with who knows how many more on the way. The premise is what intrigued me to pick it up.

A secret subterranean society is accidentally unearthed and the main character, Will, heads below the streets of London in search of his father whom he believes has disappeared in this underground world. Residents of this backwards society spend their entire lives underground, that is, unless they ever decide to take over the Topsoilers (that would be us 😉 ).

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