RaNdOm ThOuGhTs December 19, 2009 Edition

by admin on December 19, 2009

Something I learned:
Old Tex Avery cartoons seem more appropriate for adult males than kids. They’re filled with the occasional pretty women and mother-in-law jokes.

Here’s an example cartoon, The House of Tomorrow:

Random Joke:
Q: What did one snowman ask the other snowman?

A: Do you smell carrots?

Random Question(s):
Why are Zhu Zhu Pets such a big deal? They’re just toy hamsters. Why all the fuss? Your kid won’t have a Merry Christmas if they don’t get a Zhu Zhu Pet? Seriously?

Just Random:

When I was in high school I was always asked by people if I played basketball since I was so tall. This always annoyed me and it made me wonder if short people are always asked if they are jockeys. Here’s another one – do women with heavy beards get asked if they are in a traveling freak show?

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