The eight most annoying commercials played during the NCAA tournament

by admin on March 30, 2010

You might be asking yourself, “Why only eight?” Why not a Top 10 list?

The answer – Annoying commercials don’t deserve the prestige of a full Top Ten list ;).

  1. Southwest Airlines ripoff of a moment from Mel Gibson’s Braveheart movie instead of kilts (thank goodness), they lift their shirts to show their chests are painted with the words “Bags Fly Free.”
  2. Enterprise Rent A Car ad with the couple going on a romantic getaway. The woman holds up a couple outfits and asks her man, “Red or black?” This commercial is old and annoying. Not to mention disgusting when it gets sandwiched between a Viagra and Cialis ad.
  3. The continuous promos for CBS shows. Especially the sappy Masters, “A tradition unlike any other, the Masters on CBS” * gag *
  4. The Coke Zero ads – time machine and cloning. The cloning one was never funny. The time machine was funny the first time I saw it. The next 100 or more times, not so funny.
  5. Those ubiquitous (ooh, I used the word ubiquitous!) Capital One commercials featuring the fictitious Ivan Brothers who appear to be dressed as Vikings.. I’m tired of their “What’s in YOUR wallet” campaign featuring Vikings. They were funny about six years ago.
  6. The men singing about wearing no pants. Seriously, Dockers? That’s the best you could do?
  7. Any of the Jimmy John’s sub commercials. They were never funny. Not even the first time I saw them.
  8. That Census commercial with the guy who looks like Earl from ‘My Name is Earl.’ We get it, take 10 minutes and fill out your census.

On a different note, one of my favorites is the Simpsons Coca Cola commercial featuring a now-penniless Monty Burns. It originally aired during the Super Bowl and they have been running it quite a bit during the tournament.

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