Things still on my summer ‘to do’ list

by admin on August 25, 2009

Well, it’s the end of summer vacation and that means it’s time to hurry up and finish all of those projects I had on my summer ‘to do’ list. It never fails and it happens every year. I start out with good intentions and do really well accomplishing my summer goals and crossing things off of my list, but as the end of summer draws near – I’m still not done!

Now is the time for prioritizing so I can get outdoor projects done before cold weather sets in (I know it’s only the end of August, but time flies when you’re procrastinating).

Here is a list of what still needs to be done:

  • Put new coat of stain on deck
  • New roof on shed
  • Organize shed and clean it
  • Clean out garage and add some shelves
  • Finish my summer reading list
  • Build another raised bed and move 1 old one in garden
  • Paint basement
  • Set up new shopping cart software for business site
  • Launch new website that’s in the works
  • Write, write some more, and repeat ­čÖé
  • Clean and organize wood shop
  • Take time for fun!

Phew!! That is a lot of ‘to do’ left without much time. Oh well, I better get to it :).

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