Tuesday Thumbs Up – October 20, 2009 Edition

by admin on October 20, 2009

Thumbs Up from Ronald Reagan

Thumbs Up:
To (hopefully) mowing the yard for the last time this year. Unless we happen to get our Indian Summer in November.

Thumbs Up:
For positive thinking. I saw the ultimate example of a guy with the “glass is half full” kind of attitude. One of the local snowplow outfits already has their snowplow on their truck. He’s banking on some early big snows, I guess.

Thumbs Up:
To the sweet smell from the maple leaves as I mulched them up with the mower. Which also makes me think of the smell of burning leaves. If they made a candle that was “Burning Leaves” scent, I would buy it.

Thumbs Down:
To the smell of rotten garbage that I was supposed to take out a couple days ago and just remembered today. I just about tossed my cookies. And I mean that quite literally. I had just ate a couple of chocolate chip cookies and nearly lost them when I dumped the trash in the garbage can.

Thumbs Up:
For the gorgeous weather we had today. This is the kind of fall weather I’ve been wanting.

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