What the first snow means to me

by admin on November 17, 2008

There is nothing like the first snowfall (that actually sticks to the ground) that makes me feel like a kid. Except perhaps seeing my kids’ reaction to the first snow of the season. The sudden change from drab wet leaves, barren trees, and brown grass to a brilliantly white blanket that covers even the branches of the smallest shrub is simply beautiful.

The first snow gets me thinking even more about the upcoming Christmas season and all that it entails. I feel like rolling out cookie dough and cutting out stars, Christmas trees, and Santas and then decorating them with thick frosting and a heavy coating of sprinkles.

I want to make mugs of steaming hot chocolate and top them off with a dollop of marshmallow cream.

As the snow is falling I get out stacks of Christmas music and fire up the stereo (well, not really “fire up” it runs on electricity like a normal stereo should). Strains of Silent Night, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, and White Christmas fill the house as my kids and I boogie to the beat and giddily anticipate more snow to play in.

I want to rummage around the house and find the candles with Christmas scents (like cranberry orange, peppermint, cookie dough, and of course pine) that we bought on sale after last Christmas and so brilliantly hid away for next Christmas.

Snow shovels, sleds, and other assorted wintry outdoor gear are dug out of their hiding places in the garage for a season of cold noses and wet mittens.

Oh if only we had the same glee when it is still snowing in February. The first snow and the snows that lead up to Christmas are the ones I enjoy the most.

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