LEGO Winter Village Market is tonight’s Family Fun Night activity

by admin on October 25, 2013

LEGO Winter Village Market

We try and designate one night out of the weekend (usually Friday) as a “Family Fun Night” with an activity such as watching a movie or playing board games. Tonight is a special night because we will be assembling this year’s addition to the LEGO Winter Village collection, The Winter Village Market [10235].

We got in on the LEGO Winter Village theme one year too late to have the entire collection (unless we want to pay hundreds of dollars for the original set, the Toy Shop). The LEGO Winter Village collection began in 2009 with the LEGO Winter Village Toy Shop 10199.

LEGO Winter Village Bakery 10216

LEGO Winter Village Post Office 10222

LEGO Winter Village Cottage 10229

After we make homemade pizzas (and eat first, because we can’t get our LEGO Village Market greasy) we’ll get this one built and then dig out the other sets to set up our entire village. I showed the kids the box yesterday and my daughter already staked her and mommy’s claim to building the carousel. I said that’s fine, but I get to hook a motor up to it :).

I’m sure we’ll probably play some Christmas music as we work together in building it. I’m also attempting to create a steam powered train to add to the mix this year. We’ll see how that turns out.

Oh, and if you order one this month (October) you can double your VIP points at the LEGO Shop. Plus if you spend over $99 (this LEGO Winter Village Market set is $99.99) you get this exclusive Christmas Tree Stand for free!


If you happen to shop over the Black Friday weekend next month you can pick up the second part of this set, the Christmas Tree Delivery Truck. Again, it’s free if you spend over $99.


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Craig November 4, 2013 at 10:45 am

How are you planning to hook up the motor? I’ve never messed around with power functions but want to motorize our carousel too. Great Friday night fun!

admin November 6, 2013 at 2:58 pm

I haven’t had time to hook it up yet, but I will put up a post soon once I have motorized it ­čÖé

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