The LEGO Adventure Book Vol. 1 is coming this November

by admin on October 11, 2012

LEGO Adventure Book Vol. 1

I’m in a LEGO frame of mind lately. I guess with the release of the annual LEGO Winter Village set that it’s only natural. By the way, I just got the Winter Village Cottage set today (it actually arrived while I was writing this) and it looks even better than the pictures that I have seen. It’s going to be a lot of fun put together with the kiddos once the calendar flips over to November.

It’s become an annual tradition in our house to get the new Winter Village set and put it together as a family. It makes a nice scene under the Christmas tree (we don’t put that up until after Thanksgiving).

Here’s a pic of the box. This will stay in hiding until we are ready to spend the afternoon putting it together. I wouldn’t want to torture the kids by letting them see it and not play with it :).

Lego Winter Cottage

Seems like when the leaves turn colors and start to fall and the temperatures turn cooler, my mind wanders to indoor activities like playing LEGO with the kids, family board game night(s), and family Wii time.

I had the original LEGO Adventure Book when I was a kid. It was officially called the LEGOLAND Idea Book (#6000-1) and in addition to the great ideas, it was also put together as an adventure in picture form. I still have this book (although it is somewhere in my son’s room at the moment which means that I cannot find it) and it was my favorite LEGO idea book from my childhood.

While the LEGO Adventure Book Vol. 1 is an “unofficial” sequel to my original – it looks like it will certainly surpass it based on the pictures I have seen. You can preview 44 pages (it’s a 200 page book) here – The LEGO Adventure Book, Vol. 1.

With nearly 200 different models and 25 projects that include brick-by-brick instructions we will definitely be adding this to the LEGO section of our bookshelf. Although, if it’s like most LEGO books – it won’t typically be found on the shelf. Most likely on the floor of someone’s room amidst a pile of LEGO bricks.

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