And Summer Falls

by admin on September 1, 2010


No longer can you go outside after 9pm and enjoy the waning rays of sunshine. We lost nearly an hour of daylight in the month of August alone. I feel as though I lost August. How did September get here so quick?

The leaves have started turning colors. Bright yellows mixed with brilliant oranges and reds are replacing the green foliage that shaded our yard all summer long.

Today, I drained our pool. Countless hours of refreshment and enjoyment were had (mostly by the kids) in the pool all summer long. Now all that is left is a rather large ugly patch of dead grass.

I didn’t get all of the “summer” projects done that I wanted to. The deck still needs staining. The shed still needs painting. I did get the nesting box done for the chickens, but that also needs to be painted.

We did have a great time camping with friends a couple of times. Went to the beach a few times. Saw a number of simply beautiful sunsets. Witnessed a few shooting stars. Ate way too many ice cream cones, but I don’t care.

It was a great summer, but it (like my previous 33 summers) went by too fast.

Our son heads back to school next week. He’s super excited and will do great. That leaves a quiet house with just my daughter and I during the day.

I’m not ready, but fall waits for no one.

And so summer falls and with it winter awaits.

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