Yippee! Broadband over power lines is coming!

by admin on November 19, 2008

Rural Americans (such as myself) have been shut out from broadband internet connections or extremely limited in our choices (we have two choices here and they both stink). My current “high-speed” connection is anything but. I had huge troubles with them over the summer (over a month without service) and even as I write this the connection is horrible.

Thankfully, my power company (Midwest Energy Cooperative) is going to begin rolling out Broadband over Power Line (or BPL). The downside is that while I had hoped to be free of my current internet provider sooner rather than later – it will still be a while. The downside so far is that the planned deployment leaves us waiting until the end of 2010 (2 years from now 🙁 ) for a better solution to our high-speed needs.

So how does BPL work?
BPL uses existing power lines to run their signal. All you need is a BPL modem that plugs into any standard outlet and *bam!* you have a broadband internet hookup! How cool is that?

Here’s a quick breakdown of their pricing and speeds:
256kbps – $29.95/month
1mbps – $49.95/month
3mbps – $89.95/month

Every account comes with five email addresses and 50 mb of web space for personal websites.

For more info and to see if BPL is coming to your area visit www.BPL.coop.

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