Had a good time at the Constantine Farmer’s Market

by admin on June 12, 2009

I took our nearly 2 year-old daughter with me to the Farmer’s Market in downtown Constantine this evening. It was a beautiful evening to be out and about and just walking around town was an adventure for her in itself. Constantine tried kicking off a farmer’s market last year, but things just didn’t seem to fall into place.

They got an earlier start to things this year and have moved it to Friday nights. No more having to compete with a handful of other local communities that hold there’s on Saturday mornings.

The previous two weeks the market coincided with some fun live music. Tonight there wasn’t a band playing, but there was a large stereo playing some fun music for the shoppers and vendors. I think there were a couple more vendors than we saw last week so I am encouraged that this will take off.

We picked up some delicious looking sticky buns for breakfast (or pre-breakfast perhaps?) tomorrow from Yoder’s Bakery out of Mendon. While perusing through the rest of the vendors we saw a couple of booths selling wonderful looking homemade soaps and jewelry, fresh strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus, even some red potatoes and green beans. Oh yeah, Piper’s Pizza was there selling pizza by the slice and some tasty looking bread.

My daughter’s favorite booth was not a booth at all. A local man had driven his vintage Ford tractor with his wagon full of fresh herbs, iced tea, and baked goods. We were both hot and thirsty at this time so I bought a tall glass of Lemon Mint Iced Tea (oh wow, was that good!) and some intriguing Lemon Rhubarb muffins (which turned out to be super tasty). I hope he’s back again throughout the summer.

So we left with yummy treats and the joy of knowing that we supported a couple of local businesses. I hope the market keeps doing well – it’s really nice to have a farmer’s market close by.

FYI – the Constantine Farmer’s Market is every Friday from 3pm to 7pm. If there is live music scheduled, that begins at 6pm. The market is at the gazebo park on the corner of 131 and Water street.

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