RaNdOm ThOuGhTs January, 22, 2010 Edition

by admin on January 22, 2010

What made me smile this week:
My wife, my daughter, and my son. They are so precious to me.

Random Quotes:
This one comes from my Grandpa Smith, “Stay mad or get over it.” One way or another, we all take his advice just about every day.

Here’s another one from the John Wayne movie ‘McLintock!’ with the quote coming from his son, Patrick Wayne. “I said what I said and I’ll stand by it til the day I die [so don’t expect an apology].” The part in brackets I added to emphasize what he was really saying.

“You insult me, I’m likely to tell you off and then turn around and walk away. You insult my wife or kids, I’ll kick your teeth in.” – me

Random Fact:
The WD in WD-40 stands for Water Displacement. My only other question – what is in that stuff that smells so darn good? Mmmm, WD-40.

Random Question:
Isn’t the expression ‘fight fair’ or ‘fair fight’ a bit of an oxymoron? I mean, if I’m in a fight I’ll do what ever I have to do to not end up a bloody pulp.

Random Video:
I recently became a fan of The Avett Brothers. Their style is a mix of rock, folk, and bluegrass and I love it. It’s a fresh sound with strong lyrics that resonate with me.

Here’s the video for their song “Murder in the City.” When I listen to the song I think about what is something important that I want the ones I love to remember when I’m gone. Incidentally, my wife hates this song because she doesn’t want to think about death (can’t blame her there).

What do YOU want people to remember when you’re gone?

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Dad Norton February 2, 2010 at 3:05 pm

A fair fight or fighting fair is fighting that is governed by rules and regulations and if you do like Mike Tyson and bite someone’s ear off you get thrown out or disqualified. When we embelish the art of fighting on our own there is either an agreement ahead of time to establish what rules will be observed. If it is a spur of the moment fight or one of self defense then it is no holds barred for rules which means anything goes and yes it is to keep from being beat to a pulp depending on how angry or destructive the other person is feeling. I have been in fights where it is more or less for fun and we had some rules. I have been in fights where I was attacked and had to fight for my life or at the minimum to keep from getting hurt. Those fights are not pretty or much fun. I still have some side effects from them.

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