Random Thoughts Oct. 16th Edition

by admin on October 16, 2009

What Made Me Smile Today:

My son took the time before school today to color a John Deere tractor for me. He wants me to hang it up in my office downstairs – and that’s exactly where it’s going. He’s so doggone cute :).

Things I Have Learned:

I wish I had taken a wood shop class in high school. Perhaps even some of the building trades courses. The college level math and science classes really don’t serve me as well as those more practical courses would have. I only took them because I wanted to have a strong transcript to show colleges.

The white tile floor in our kitchen that we fell in love with the first time we looked at our house? Yeah, it’s not so great when you have kids. Every little pea-pickin’ mess sticks out. Someday we’ll re-do it with earth tones or slate gray or something, but NOT white.

Random Joke:

Build a man a fire and he will be warm for a day. Set a man on fire and he will be warm the rest of his life.

Just Random:

In my English class in college we had numerous essays of varying topics to write and I would often put a satirical take on the topic. My writing was even compared to the humorist, Dave Barry. I really enjoyed writing, but for some reason I had it set in my head to be an accountant. Go figure.

Recently Added to my Wishlist:

Calvin and Hobbes is my all-time favorite comic. I wish Bill Watterson had not stopped drawing the series. I loved his wry and sometimes cynical take on life from the viewpoint of a child and his pet tiger.

You can still catch the old strips every day at www.gocomics.com.

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Emi October 19, 2009 at 7:18 pm

Like the joke! and thanks for the comics website. I am now all signed up to keep up with Calvin & Hobbes! ­čÖé

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