So long, Rural Communications

by admin on July 15, 2009

Good bye and good riddance, Rural Communications. Oh, how I have tried to make this work. As the saying goes, it takes two and I can’t keep trying when your telephone and internet service is subpar and your outsourced customer service is (to put it lightly) terrible. You were a local Michigan-based company and I tried to support you in your endeavor to bring high-speed internet to the rural community.

I have gone months at a time without high-speed service or with greatly interrupted service in the nearly five years of being your customer. I have been lied to, promised to (repeatedly broken promises at that), and overcharged for a service that never did live up to your claims.

Now, amidst the shutdown of your wireless towers came a letter in the mail yesterday stating that you would no longer be offering land line service as of July 31, 2009. The letter was dated July 10th and I received it July 14th. You gave your customers 2 weeks to come up with an alternative solution? No, you basically told your customer so look elsewhere and I did.

Here is a brief excerpt from the letter with my comments included within brackets:

After several months of internal review, Rural Communications has decided to discontinue its residential land line service, therefore we will no longer be able to provide you with phone service. I have made several attempts to contact you via phone calls [hmm, that’s funny I work from home and NEVER received a phone call – we also have this thing called an answering machine that you never left a message on either] but have not had any luck. However, this email/letter provides you with an opportunity to contact your retail sales associate who can offer you potential replacement service [um, no thanks, I called Verizon instead you idiots].

We urge each and every customer to contact us as soon as possible so that we can get you into the best option we have available [the best option is to NOT be your customer], at the best price.

It has been our pleasure to service you at Rural Communications [more like it’s been their pleasure to take my money in exchange for crappy products and service].

Why did I stay with them for so long? Until this spring, Verizon, (the only other phone company serving our area) did not offer DSL to our area, but that is no longer the case.

Moments after I received the letter from Rural Communications I was online and signing up with Verizon for phone and high-speed internet service. It was my lucky day as their current deal for phone and 3mbps DSL came with a free Compaq Mini 110 netbook computer. How sweet is that?

We already have an HP 1000 netbook and LOVE it and I believe the Compaq 110 is basically the HP 1000 with Compaq’s name stamped on it. With our D-Link wireless router we can surf the net all over the house and out in the back yard as well.

So, what started as a pretty crappy day when I opened the letter from Rural Communications ended as a pretty doggone good day. Verizon is coming out next week to switch the phone service and the following day our DSL is scheduled to switch over. As soon as the DSL is live I’m calling Rural Communications and canceling my account with them.

Good Riddance.

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