Something to be said for leisure

by admin on June 13, 2010

This was the first Sunday in a long time that I didn’t spend the afternoon working. Working on a project, working on the garden, or just plain working on work.

You know, I can get used to this.

I made a loaf of French bread to make sandwiches (using yesterday’s leftover barbecued chicken) for supper (this wasn’t really work since I used our bread machine), grabbed the portable radio, and listened to the Tigers game (bonus – they won!) out in the shade. After the game was over I picked a handful of red raspberries and another handful of strawberries, sharing some with one of our chickens.

When the kids got up from their respective nap and rest time they meandered outside as well. They made their own fun – playing on the swings and running around the yard.

This afternoon I realized how seldom I take the time to just sit. No working on the laptop. No thinking about work. No making ‘to do’ lists.

I actually even spent a few moments looking up into the sunshine as it filtered through the leaves dancing on the breeze. Relaxing indeed.

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