Making Christmas Memories

by admin on December 24, 2009

Christmas is a time of memories. A time of making new memories and reminiscing on the classic memories of Christmases past that play across the movie screen of our mind.

It’s shortly after 8:30 pm on Christmas Eve and our children are tucked snug in their beds and are fast asleep. Perhaps they are dreaming of the presents they received from their grandma & grandpa, and aunt and uncle earlier today.

I’m hoping they fell asleep dreaming of the story of Baby Jesus being born in a manger that I read to them from Luke Chapter 2 just before prayers and bedtime kisses. And if they are dreaming of Santa eating the Oreos (yes! Santa really scored this year at our house) and special chocolate milk (no plain milk at our house for Santa) then, that’s okay too because they only believe in the myth of Santa for just a short while.

All too soon the truth behind Santa will be revealed to them and the cold hard realities of this sometimes cruel world will be upon them. But for tonight, we have managed to stave off those realities for at least another year and that makes me smile.

The kids also put out magic reindeer feed (birdseed and oats) that helps the reindeer to fly all night long. So after Santa (that would be me, shh, don’t tell) stuffed himself on Oreos and Chocolate milk (it’s my son’s recipe for staying on the nice list – I overheard him explaining that to his younger sister tonight) he headed outside with an old runner sled and made the “landing area” for Santa’s sleigh. He also added tiny reindeer tracks (using an old broom handle) in front of the sleigh tracks and all around the magic reindeer feed and the old broom doubled as a way to brush out his tracks in the snow.

Yes, Jesus is THE reason for the season. But the magical myth of Santa only lasts for a little while and all too soon that belief in Santa will disappear, but as parents we pray that we can make the belief in Jesus last all their lives.

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