Ritz Crackers and 7-UP

by admin on July 6, 2010

Old 7 UP ad

Yesterday, we took the kids biking in town. One of the safest and least traveled places in town is the cemetery so that is where we biked.

While we biked through the cemetery I tried to find where my Great-Grandma Ora Clark was buried. I had not been by her grave in a few years and my memory wasn’t doing me any favors.

Anyway, as my son and I biked around trying, in vain, to find her headstone I thumbed through some memories that were stashed in the cobwebbed corner of my brain.

Thoughts of my Grandma Clark always lead to Ritz Crackers and 7-UP.

For whatever reason, that was always the snack of choice offered at her house. I will always remember ice cold 7-UP in her refrigerator and a box of Ritz Crackers up in her cupboard.

She used to live in a tiny house on Sevison Road that had a huge sycamore tree in the front yard out by the road. We used to drag an old paint-splattered wooden ladder out of the shed and use it to climb up in the crook of the tree.

I’ve driven by the tiny old house and the huge sycamore tree is still there. The thing is, it is no longer huge. Like every other memory from childhood the tree was remembered from the viewpoint of a little boy running around in his sneakers.

Someday maybe I’ll stop and see if the owner would mind if I hoisted my two kids up in the crook of the tree for a quick photo.

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