Teaching my son the joys of good ol’ cap guns

by admin on June 11, 2010

Toy gun fight

The hard whiff of gunpowder still burns in my nostrils. Instantly, upon its aroma I am transported back to my 7 year old self and I am holding my authentic Lone Ranger six-shooter made from die-cast metal and sporting a faux bone handle grip.

Recently, my almost six-year-old son became interested in owning a toy cap gun. Do you remember the kind that took the little red rolls of caps? Man, did I love mine.

I honestly didn’t think in this day and age of video games and mp3 players that they would even make something as classic and simple as toy cap guns anymore. So off to the local store we went in search of a gun and some caps and when we stumbled upon them next to the Nerf toys I am not certain who was more excited at the discovery – him or me.

As we drive home I tell him stories from when I was a kid and how I would stuff rolls of caps in my pockets and shoot at indians, Redcoats, or Germans from my forts and trenches that I spent the long sultry summer days constructing.

For those who think that toy guns are a gateway to youngsters growing up to be murderers or commit armed robbery – I never moved beyond anything more lethal than a homemade slingshot and sun baked clay ball ammunition. My grandfather taught me how to shoot a .22 and my cousin and I played around with his BB gun a time or two, but I never had the desire to own a gun.

Besides, before I bought him a toy gun he would be mucking around the yard doing one thing or another and upon finding a stick he would run around yelling “bang-bang!” It’s just a boy thing, why fight it?

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