Took my son to his first baseball game

by admin on October 5, 2009

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to take your son to his first major league baseball game. I was lucky enough to get to do that last week when I let my son play hooky from school to watch the Detroit Tigers try and wrap up the Central Division against the Minnesota Twins.

The game didn’t end so well for the Tigers, but we had a grand time. When we drove near the stadium to park he spotted the huge stands and practically jumped out of his seat with excitement. He couldn’t believe it was so big and covered with Tigers everywhere he looked.

Watching baseball game

Watching baseball game

Walking into the stadium he saw the great green expanse of the playing field and the bright white uniforms of the players and was skipping closer to the field with a huge smile on his face. Comerica Park is extremely family friendly with lots to do with kids before and during the game. We arrived early so I could take him on the ferris wheel and walk around the concourse.

He picked out a souvenir for his sister (a pink baseball – of course), got a huge orange and blue foam Tiger Paw, and a large pop with a Detroit Tigers cup that he plans on saving forever.

The smile on his face told how happy he was, but he kept saying how cool it was and how much fun it was to go to a baseball game with me. Looking down on the field from our seats he commented on how the church softball field could nearly fit in the infield at Comerica Park. He did great at the game and asked all kinds of questions that I had a lot of fun answering.

On the long ride home he asked when we could go again. I said that we would probably see a game again next year. He was a bit bummed because he was hoping to go back again over the weekend.

Sounds like I’ve created a Tiger fan for the next generation :).

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