Visited my son’s Preschool for an Open House

by admin on September 4, 2008

I don’t really feel old. Times like this my kids make me feel old, though. I can’t believe our little guy is starting preschool in about a week.

He has been getting a bit nervous about it lately. So much so that last night he was extremely upset because he was afraid that he would have to spend the night at preschool. After choking back a laugh we told him that he was only going to be at preschool for three hours. Nothing else will change.

Spending time outside is another of his worries. He is afraid that preschool will cut into his outdoor time. How cute is that? I was like that when I was in school. Each fall I would loathe being in a classroom when it was still so nice outside. I would just make a mental list of all the fun things I could be doing and building outside instead of getting an education. I guess you could say that I totally empathize with him on that one.

However, after going to the open house this afternoon he is in a much better frame of mind. The toys, books, desks, and computers dazzled him and he is now (thankfully) excited about going.

We’ll see who has a tougher time in a week or so – him or me.

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