Finally bought a new upright freezer

by admin on July 3, 2009

Our current upright freezer was old when we got it. I’m not certain, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not much younger than I am. It’s an old Hotpoint freezer that has a suspect seal and is nowhere near being energy efficient.

Vintage Hotpoint Freezer

Vintage Hotpoint Freezer

My wife and I had been looking at purchasing a new upright freezer shortly after we received the Hotpoint nearly two years ago. Our electric bill had spiked moments after plugging it in, but I kept shopping for a good deal on a new one. The Hotpoint was not energy efficient nor was it frost-free. Plus, it was only around 15 cubic feet and as the frost builds up it’s probably closer to only about 12 cubic feet.

Another thing that delayed the purchase of a new freezer was that our electric company was promising “incentives” of some sort or another to get rid of old refrigerators and freezers, but the program wouldn’t start until summer. Well, nothing happened so I emailed the CEO and his assistant was kind enough to send an informative reply that the program would not begin until this fall and it would only be a free pickup of your old appliance. I had been hoping for a gift card or discount on a new freezer. Oh well.

So with all of the delays out the window we knew the main features that our new freezer HAD to have. It had to be frost-free (this should be the standard, but alas, it is not), energy star rated (with the money saved on our electric bill I believe this freezer should pay for itself in about two years – yes, the old Hotpoint was bad), and 20 or more cubic feet.

I am a big fan of Sears’ Kenmore line of appliances. They have served us well over the years and Sears has been great about taking care of us when any problems (only a couple times with the dishwasher and that was due to whomever installed it) have arisen. Plus, they always seem to have great deals going on in July and it was no exception this time around. So I did some searching at and other sites for other brands to compare features and price against.

We decided on the Kenmore Elite 20.6 cubic feet upright freezer. It fit all of our needs for features – over 20 cubic feet storage space, energy star rated, and frost-free. The best part was that since we had already looked at the Kenmore freezers in person we were able to save a trip to Sears and avoid having the salesman sell us an extended warranty by purchasing the freezer online.

Kenmore Elite Upright Freezer

Kenmore Elite Upright Freezer

After the freezer is delivered and we have had it for a while I’ll post about it’s energy usage and give a general review.

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